Friday, February 25, 2011

Silver City Brewery Fat Woody Scotch Ale

I must apologize for my recent absents from this blog the past week I have been rather distracted by a string of strange events in my personal life the most notable of which was my car breaking down by the side of the freeway. It’s been a rough week but I found solace in many a good beer and saved all my notes. The week is over now and life is getting back to normal so time to post some things from my drinking notes… yes I am that geeky beer girl sitting drinking her beer and taking notes. lol

Silver City Brewery Fat Woody Scotch Ale

Fact of the Matter

ABV: 9.2%

Seasonal: Avalible Febuary

From: Silver City Brewery Silverdale, WA

Peoples Choice Award Washington Cask Ale Festival - 2004
Bronze Medal - North American Beer Festival - 2006

Oh holy crap this was good, damn good! Many thanks to Tiffany from 99 Bottles specialty beer store in Federal Way, Washington for recommending this delicious beer. It was poured dark, but not too dark with slight reddish tinge around the edges with a very thin brown head that fades quickly. The aroma is intoxicating and the perfect preview for the taste. Oak and raisin are predominate smells slightly toffee, vanilla and Carmel all mingle together in the background. Full bodied with mild carbonation this beer drinks easy enough that you need to watch out for its 9.2% abv bite. I had a lot of trouble defining the taste other than it being delicious!!  After a lot of research (ahem ya, that’s what drinking good beer is… research…) I have come up with the following adjectives to describe the taste of this beer: toffee, oaky, brown sugar, banana, sweet but not too sweet, rich and complex yet amazingly smooth. You really just need to pick up this one and try it for yourself! Let me know if you have better adjectives for the taste or smell.
Appearance: 4
Smell:  5
Taste: 5
Drinkability: 4.5
Mouthfeel: 4

Enjoy better beer!!



  1. nice review, you have a great blog with lots of good stuff, I just love it :)

  2. thanks it's a bit outdated though I need to start writing again

  3. Hello Beeratopia Girl,

    It's nice to have you back :). This beer seems good. I love beers with a kiss of sweetness in it. I don't mind the ABV afterall haha.

    Uhmm, where did you get this one? I haven't seen this beer in my area(Kansas). Is this just a local beer?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Order this ale along with its cousin, the original Fat Scotch Ale, at:
      This is the link for the original; keep searching for
      Fat Woody. Enjoy!

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  5. We enjoy reading about all the beers and beer stories this blog reports on. We are in the planning stages for a new brewery in Northeastern USA called Charter Oak Brewing Company LLC and our business plan is to grow to over 25,000BBL within 5 years.
    The breweries and stories you report on, allow for much encouragement.
    A True Legend!

  6. Guhl, you is RIGHT! This Ale is outstanding, as is its cousin, the original Fat Scotch Ale. All of your comments are accurate, but I would add its finish has a slight liquor flavor to it. Absolutely delicious. Be careful of its 9.2% ABV, though ... it's easy to drink, but bites you on the backside. Enjoy! Clamm.

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    Love and Peace Julius.